My body is a battlefield, my mind the war zone.

Piece I originally created to emphasize the difference between mental and physical suffering. On the outside she looks unharmed; no marks, bruises, or cuts, but inside her mind is turbulent and going through something volatile. The background represents more about what’s going on inside her than her outward appearance. The act of cutting up the piece was to further the concept of brokeness, but then the piece’s original idea of a ‘flawless’ body feels weakened since the viewer has a harder time seeing her body as untouched.


12 in x 18 in

Watercolor, Ink, Micron Pen, Colored Pencil

About DySwann

In my personal projects I work with concepts like numbness, bitterness, and/or depression; all states of being I know well. A goal is to raise awareness about the dangers of living in these places—and hopefully help others make better choices than I did. I always believe in hope, even when it seems there might not be any. If there is hope for me there is hope for others; and there is.

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