Foolish Deeds 13×19 Print


Dimensions: 13″ x 19″
Paper: Glossy Print
*Do not display in direct sunlight
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By buying this print you are helping to back a specialty printing job for the Three Lives series.

Wretched is what they call me,
Wickedness lies deep within.
This foolish pride of one who’s died
Over and over again.
This creature that beats within me,
Giving me life anew,
Not only brings life, but death and strife,
And mocks me in the end.
In a despairing moment,
I do a drastic deed.
To end the divide and confusion inside,
I tear this creature free.
My body grows cold and weary
As I stare at my own beating heart.
To my dismay, the evil remains
And it seems the joke is on me.

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About DySwann

In my personal projects I work with concepts like numbness, bitterness, and/or depression; all states of being I know well. A goal is to raise awareness about the dangers of living in these places—and hopefully help others make better choices than I did. I always believe in hope, even when it seems there might not be any. If there is hope for me there is hope for others; and there is.

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