Every now and then life gets complicated and even in my art, I get stressed. It’s times like that when I need to do something for me. I usually try to create art with meaning, but sometimes I just need to express whatever it is inside me through imagery. While they may not be part of a written narrative, or have anything to do with each other, they are integral in my creative process.

Some pieces I have clear direction while others freely flow as they are created. These pieces are parts of me.

Other times I just want to create something to experiment with watercolor brands, techniques, or subject. While not all of those types of pieces get featured attention on my site, I post them in a special category for Social Media purposes. Feel free to see those works on this page, or click on one of the thumbnails below.

Sometimes the originals are for sale, so please follow my IG or FB accounts to be one of the first to have an opportunity to purchase.