This piece was definitely inspired and rather quickly came into fruition. I wanted to do a piece that consisted of multiple sheets, all drawn separate from one another so when put together it would feel ‘off’; the pieces don’t fit exactly, perspective and color wise.

I consider this a study, but am very happy about how it came out. And as much as I love using quality art supplies, sometimes cheap pallets are the way to go.

A Self Portrait

Cheap Watercolors, Salt, Gouache, and Ink

About DySwann

In my personal projects I work with concepts like numbness, bitterness, and/or depression; all states of being I know well. A goal is to raise awareness about the dangers of living in these places—and hopefully help others make better choices than I did. I always believe in hope, even when it seems there might not be any. If there is hope for me there is hope for others; and there is.

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