Space Koi One

___________________________________ $100 (for the original painting)  — Anyone for space koi? Painted with watercolor and coated with holo glaze making it sparkle in the light! ___________________________________ You can follow my […]


Space Koi Two

___________________________________ $80 (for the original painting)  — Anyone for more space koi? As with the first piece, this is coated with holo glaze and is very sparkly! ___________________________________ You can […]



___________________________________ $60 (for the original painting)  —  I’ve always loved turtles and decided to try seeing what a turtle butterfly combo might look like. ___________________________________ You can follow my art […]


Foolish Deeds

“Wretched is what they call me, Wickedness lies deep within. This foolish pride of one who’s died Over and over again. This creature that beats within me, Giving me life […]